Bio and Career Highlights



Fernando A. Mico is an Award Winning filmmaker from Northern Virginia. After graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Art and Government & Politics, he moved to Los Angeles. His first job was as a colorist for Malibu Comics, which became Marvel Comics soon after. He later went on to help design movie collateral, packaging and posters for studios such as Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros.




Upon returning to the DMV region (DC, Maryland, Virginia), Fernando took a break from the creative field and taught martial arts. “Master” Mico is a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and upon returning to the discipline, achieved his fourth United States, national gold medal. One day one of his students offered him a part time position in his company’s film and video department.


Fernando took the position on a lark and caught the filmmaking bug. But he was unhappy with the pace at which he was learning the skills of the industry. So in 2008 he enrolled in Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts program in filmmaking at Georgetown.  Within one year of graduating Fernando would go on to instruct at the school.



His final, student film project would go on to win Action Film of the Year at the Action On Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles. The film EVER AFTER (Reloaded) has gone on to achieve film distribution this year. This is an admirable feat considering less than ten percent of movies with no ‘names’ and no budget ever receive traditional distribution, or any release

at all.



Fernando is currently in pre-production of his next feature film and serves as executive director of The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival, The NOVA International Film Market, The GO West Fest, and The Go Independent International Film Festival in Washington D.C. In his spare time he also likes to sneak onto local production sets such as Netflix’s House of Cards and HBO’s VEEP, as a stand-in or extra.





The Origin of VIOLENT HUES


Malibu Comics was an American comic book publisher in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s with notable titles such as Men In Black and licensed properties such as Star Trek and


Terminator. As sales declined industry wide, Marvel purchased the company in 1994. “Reportedly Marvel made the purchase to acquire Malibu’s then-groundbreaking in-house coloring studio…”


The “groundbreaking” coloring

department was broken up into several teams. Each team had a name. VIOLENT HUES was the name of the most prestigious and powerful coloring team in the company (according to all members of the team).



It is our hope the name will carry on with us, personifying the prowess, heart and talent of those artists who embodied the VIOLENT HUES team.


1st Malibu Reunion -August 2013